Ready-to-go, customizable programs

All programs include

  • Initial survey of organizational context and success measures
  • Facilitator prep call with business leader
  • Customization of session delivery to your organization
  • A single-day group session…
    …or eLearning web-based three-session delivery
  • Post-session on-the-job action learning cycle
  • WSL innovative methods and activities
  • Up to 25 participants

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  • Bringing Your Vision to Life:
    Inspiring Passion in Others
  • Driving the Strategic Message:
    Where Are We Headed?
  • Building Global Relationships:
    A Contemporary Challenge
  • Managing Organizational Culture:
    The Unwritten Rules
  • Your Voice as Leader:
    Congruent Presence


  • Refining Your Management Skills:
    Getting the Most From Your Team
  • Managing Yourself and Others Through Change
  • Effective Decision Making:
    With Collaboration and Speed
  • Setting Goals:
    Appreciate, Align, Assign
  • The Empathic Manager:
    Balancing Task and Relationship
  • Managing Projects, People and Process:
    On-Time and Under-Budget
  • Coaching Team Members:
    Focusing on Performance and Personality Strengths
  • Real-Life Ethics:
    Compliance through Community, Culture and Cooperation

Team Productivity

  • Communicating with Transparency and Courage
  • Improving Team Communications Through Advocacy & Inquiry
  • Collaborating with Colleagues:
    Together, We Win
  • Planning, Managing and Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Breaking Through to Innovation:
    Real-Issue, Hands-On Work Session
  • Balancing Team Quality and Speed for Performance

Sales and Service

  • Relationship Selling:
    Top Line Growth via Understanding and Rapport
  • Creating Loyal Customers:
    Customer Service Moments of Truth

Personal Performance

  • Negotiating Skills
  • Writing Reports and Presentations:
    Your Voice on The Page
  • The Fluent Listener:
    Performance through Improved Communication
  • Creating Clear Agreements with Leaders and Colleagues
  • Building My Resilience:
    Sanity in The Midst of Change
  • Stress Management:
    Riding the Wave

Learning & Development

  • Designing Training Programs:
    Engage Head, Heart and Hands
  • Facilitating a Training or Group Session
    Socrates Has Left the Building




Whole-System LearningEngaging head, heart and hands.