Management and Leadership Project Samples

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Industry Project Headlines What? Audience Where Participants
US Government Series of managerial learning and process improvement workshop linked to strategic change initiative: moving from command-andcontrol to collaboration. Blends engaging learning methods with opportunities to do real work in session. Design Develop Pilot Master TtT Mid and senior Mgmt US 600
Utilities Project sponsorship and leadership skills sessions. Purpose: increase project leadership and portfolio management skills at the senior-most levels in the organization. Design Develop Pilot & TtT Mid and senior Mgmt US 400
Industrial Gases Knowledge management, learning and succession planning initiative for those leading multimillion dollar global projects. Purpose: teach leadership and business management skills & deploy mentoring and coaching system so "old hands" develop high potentials Design Develop Pilot Deliver Mid-Senior level Mgmt US Asia India ME Europe 250
US Government Required performance management program to change the culture from "civil service" mentality to a market-driven one. Deliver Senior mgmt. US 1,500
Pharma National 5-day Management Clinic; included assessment center and certification; multiple 'booster shot' modules that focused on distinct areas of coaching; based on client's in-house coaching model and competency descriptions Design Develop Pilot TtT Midlevel Mgmt US Canada 750
Technology A series of workshops for advanced communication skills; tailored to regions on the theme "difficult conversations" implemented using methodology from Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation Skills Implement Deliver Mid-to senior Mgmt Pacific Rim Australia 300
Telecom Leadership development three-month learning system of classroom and action learning projects. Included strategic thinking, performance management, coaching and feedback, managing "up," learning styles, team development, managing change, mental models and the ladder of inference. Deliver Coach Middle mgmt. US and Europe 2,000
Office equipment Four-day leadership intensive including vision and values, communications, mental models, managing information, team development, market orientation and strategic thinking. Deliver Middle mgmt. US, Canada and Europe 1,500
Pharma Leadership development for a global population. A three-day workshop that included multi-rater feedback; 1:1 coaching; small-group coaching; executive visit; content related to the company's leadership principles in such areas as vision, communication styles, delegation & empowerment; leading change; developing commitment; understanding stakeholders. Design Develop Pilot Master TtT Coach Mid-to senior-middle Mgmt Europe Asia-Pacific Latin America Australia 7,000
Petro-Chemicals Global leadership program for senior and midlevel managers; both face-to-face and remote coaching. Emphasis on leadership in a matrixed and remote environment. Design Develop Pilot Deliver Mid-to senior-middle Mgmt Europe Asia 350
Legal Global Law firm; broad managerial curriculum; built around existing client competency model. Focused on management in a project-based environment. Design Develop Master TtT Mid-to senior Mgmt US Europe Asia 1,500
Manufacturing Required three-day leadership program on building a safety culture. Includes communications, coaching, personal responsibility, ownership, vision, story-telling, performance management. Deliver Senior and middle mgmt. US, Asia, South Africa 5,000

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