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An award-winning service and service management learning system...

Global franchise of cafes in Europe and Asia: An award-winning* service and service management learning system

Cafe managers conducted brief face-to-face learning activities to set up robust on-the-job learning. This successfully blurred the line between work and learning. By creating a program that was concept-light and practice-heavy (and included many engaging methods) we engaged participants’ heart and hands, as well as their heads. The primary "window" into the training was a circular table-top learning map showing a fictional journey that parallels the ideal customer experience. By re-creating the elements of this journey, staff members contribute to a standardized, world-class customer experience.

The project goal was to increase gross sales revenue by 10%. We beat this by a whopping 3 to13%, depending on region. An additional goal of increasing customer satisfaction by 10% (measured by detailed mystery shopper evaluations) was exceeded by 7%. These remarkable results were achieved by training staff and managers to serve their customers in a structured, yet from-the-heart manner.

*Informa, the award provider, is the leading international provider of specialist information and services for the academic and scientific, professional and commercial business communities

Learning system focused on selling and communication skills...8% increase in gross sales and a significant decrease (more than 30%) in customer complaints...

Large UK retailer: selling and communication skills learning system

This learning system was created for 30,000 sales associates, their supervisors and managers. Over the course of several years, program was rolled out to 1,800 UK stores. Level IV measures during the first six months showed an 8% increase in gross sales and over 30% decrease in customer complaints for control stores. Increased sales and decreased complaints continued to be reported for trained stores.

Customer service learning system...Calls referred to supervisor decreased by 23%; successful resolution on first call increased by 15%.

US Credit card issuer, customer service centers: Customer service learning system

Customer service learning system for all customer service representatives and their supervisors. Level IV measures impacted: Calls referred to supervisor decreased by 23%; successful resolution on first call increased by 15%.

Collections skills learning system... in 12 months after rollout: $44 million in additional collected funds.

US Credit Card issuer, collections department: Collection skills learning system

Collections skills learning system for all customer service associates, their supervisors and managers. Level IV measures impacted: Promises kept (promise by debt holder to pay that resulted in a payment) increased by 2%. Increased $ amount collected per associate, per month: $2515; customer satisfaction measures: all improved (5 to 28% range of improvement); associate job satisfaction measures (assumed to impact employee turnover) -- all measures improved. Impact to business attributable to learning system in 12 months after rollout: $44 million in additional collected funds.

Multi-year environment, health and safety program...results include: cost savings, accident reduction, safer work practices, process standardization...

Global manufacturing company: Multi-year environment, health and safety program for all leaders and managers.

A sampling of results:

  • Hong Kong: Waste products reduced 10 to 15%; cost savings = HK$16,000 – 21,000; all field workers certified in risk assessment and reduction program.
  • South Africa: New hazard/incident reporting systems established;  EH&S process integrated into ISO 9002 Quality Management System; "near misses" reduced
  • Far East: Reduced accidents led to reduced insurance premiums (Unspecified $)
  • UK: improvements in incident, severity and sickness rates; quality measures improved
  • Asia: New risk assessment process established
  • Asia Pacific: Lowered workmen’s comp; improved public image
  • US: Monthly review and reward/recognition programs established
  • Singapore : waste management "improved" (unspecified)
  • Australia "Safer work practices and reduced risk exposure"
  • Malaysia: Enhanced environmental protections result in decreased costs and improved public image
  • China: New process for labeling & tracking wastes established; waste reduction plan implemented
  • US: New website created to share EH&S tips and practices
  • India: New training program established: 34% of participants achieve 100%; 48% achieve 80-99%
  • Europe: risk assessment process standardized
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Process to document subcontractor’s compliance established

A blended learning just-in-time approach... analyzed and described as "best in class" by Eliot Masie eLearning guru...

Unilever: a blended learning, just-in-time approach

A blended learning just-in-time approach for improving managers’ coaching and basic management skills at Unilever. This program was analyzed and described as "best in class" by Eliot Masie, the eLearning guru. The program used Harvard Business School Publishing online learning modules. Participants identified a current work challenge and formed learning partnerships as they addressed the challenge as part of their daily work. ONLY as needed to address the identified issue, they accessed HBSP online learning modules. They briefly noted challenges, successes of lessons learned, and engaged in peer discussions. This changed their traditional "learning as work" approach to a "work as learning" approach.

Custom training program to increase front-line worker’s willingness to take risks...target was met and exceeded four-fold..

United States Postal Service mail sorting facility: Created custom program

Program created to increase front-line worker’s willingness to take risks when deciding which mail pieces can go through machines, and which should be sorted by hand. Project target was to reduce from 6% to 5% the portion of mail sent for hand sorting, since the cost of sorting by hand is thirty times higher. This 1% target was met and exceeded four-fold, with hand-sorted down to 2% eight weeks post training rollout. Additionally, VOE data from same period showed a significant jump in morale levels, attributable to the interactive, inclusive design of the training: Satisfied with recognition received increased from 49 to 61% favorable. People held accountable increased from 47 to 67% favorable. Manager treats me with respect increased from 55 to 76% favorable. Manager able to communicate increased from 53 to 71% favorable.

New hire on boarding...transform a deathly dull program into an entirely different experience...

US pharmaceutical consumer healthcare: New hire on boarding

This program took an existing "death by PowerPoint" approach and turned it on its head. By working closely with subject matter experts, we identified discovery learning activities to enable participants to make their own sense of the 17 content-heavy topic areas. By interspersing these activities, and identifying post session action learning opportunities, we were able to work within the constraints of subject matter experts’ facilitation skills and transform a deathly dull program into an entirely different experience. Participant satisfaction and on-the-job knowledge application measures increased dramatically. Self-reported Level IV, “The program helped me be productive in my first 3 months.” Strongly agree increased by 66%.




Whole-System LearningEngaging head, heart and hands.