What is Whole-System Learning?

Whole-System Learning is a structured approach to engage learners’ head, heart and hands, the learner’s "whole system". This approach stands on the shoulders of discovery learning, accelerated learning, experiential learning, the Socratic method, and the use of movement in learning. It is applied both to learning design and learning facilitation.

Cognitive neuroscience has revealed more about the functioning of the human brain in the last two decades than we knew in all time prior. This technology-driven research explosion examines the psychobiological basis of attention, memory and learning. Whole-System Learning is supported by this scientific foundation.

Effective learning design and facilitation is both science and art. A set of principles helps keep the art within bounds of the science. We provide a structure for applying these methods.

We support your organization in creating and facilitating highly effective change. We are a global partnership of experienced, enthusiastic practitioners: facilitators, instructional designers, project managers, graphic artists and administrators. We operate in the USA, Canada, Latin America, UK, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.

Additionally, we offer a series of customizable programs for a range of topics. We regularly add to this library of world-class programs. These programs embody Whole-System Learning principles.





Whole-System LearningEngaging head, heart and hands.